Receival Tanks & Elevators

Receival tanks are constructed with heavy gauge stainless steel which make them hygienic and highly durable. A sloping floor allows easy drainage and an access door is fitted to assist cleaning. The walls of the tank are panelled with thick insulation sheets.

Cherries are transported from the receival tank by the variable speed elevator. The elevator runs along the floor of the tank and inclines at a 45° angle. The plastic conveyor belt has flights to maintain an even distribution of cherries up the elevator and maximise its load capacity.

Water sprays fitted over the water receival tank create a current which forces any floating leaves and debris over a weir at the delivery end of the tank. An extraction belt conveyor removes orchard waste to rubbish.

Carefully considered elevation angles, complimented with a soft brush as cherries breach the water level, means no “roll-backs” of fruit through its elevation. The elevator maintains a full and evenly distributed load.



  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction (AISI 304)
  • Insulation panel wrapping to maintain water temperature
  • Orchard waste removal belt
  • Water pumps and filters included
  • Elevator 45˚ angle up to water level, 43˚ angle from water level to top, 30˚ angle from top down into water flooder
  • Easy access cleaning outlets