Cluster Cutter

The cluster cutter is our unique singulating conveyor designed to separate bunched cherries and singulates cherries by cutting the stalk prior to sizing.

Cherries are conveyed, with the aid of flumed water, over our special grooved belt with staggered rows of recessed plastic fingers which guide the stalk under a high speed rotating blade. The cluster cutter consists of pairs of half blades, bolted to hubs which are carefully located to align with the plastic guide fingers. Cherries are fully protected from the saw blades. The blades are made from hardened steel and each tooth has been individually sharpened to ensure a long life and a clean cut. The cluster cutter is supported by a rigid maintenance platform with stairways either side and is fully hand railed.



  • Very quiet during operation
  • Three models: 220 blade, 150 blade, 110 blade
  • Two part high tensile steel blade
  • New “wave” style soft conveyor belt
  • Optional adjustable angle of fingers for long or short stem cherries
  • 99% stem separation
  • Highest separation rate in the market and cleanest cut stems