Carton Fillers

Electronic carton filling ensures consistent box weight accuracy and faster volume throughput. Electronic carton fillers are positioned at the end of each sorting belt. Cartons sit on a load cell platform where they are filled to a pre-programmed weight setting via an adjustable feed belt, or hopper, controlled by a touch screen LCD monitor. The feed belt stops feeding the carton when it reaches the set weight. Weights are displayed and programmed on an elevated LCD screen.



  • Touch screen LCD display 
  • LCD displays can be networked or programmed stand-alone 
  • Drop-down brush stops spillage during box changeover 
  • Auto tare function 
  • Empty box storage for box in waiting 
  • Simple electronic height adjustment for large and small boxes 
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Height adjustment alows for fillers of all box types with or without Barry Bag frames