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First Chilean cherries arrive in Shanghai and Guangzhou

Xie Jinshan, CEO of Shenzhen Golden Anda, explains that the good weather has brought about a bumper harvest in Chile. It is estimated that the 2017 Chile supply will grow 30% from last year. We have recently founded the Gold Anda Chile Co Ltd., which already has six highly experienced international purchasers, who are responsible for purchasing all kinds of products from South America.

Enhanced Technology to Improve Productivity and Net Returns for the Australian Cherry Industry

With the rise of the Asian market’s demands for fresh produce the appetite for premium Australian fruit only continues to grow.  This has led to an increase in the production of quality Australian cherries for consumption in those export markets.

“Today’s sophisticated Asian consumer has a very good understanding of quality and where their produce is sourced.  They demand perfect quality fruit with very good taste, and they are willing to pay for it.

“Asian buyers catering to the higher end of the market now expect the quality of their fruit to be 100 per cent perfect, 100 per cent of the time,” said, GP Graders Director, Stuart Payne. 

Local manufacturing expertise sort and shape global fruit production!

Supplied with an abundance of fresh fruit, consumers often take for granted the availability and quality of produce at their disposal. Since 1963, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) GP Graders has played a pivotal role behind the scenes to enable this, manufacturing sorting and grading machinery in Victoria to provide fruit growers and packers around the world with industry leading infrastructure. GP Graders have continually developed a machine which sorts fruit, attaining high productivity while maintaining grading accuracy. The latest evolution of the grading machine benefitted from the help of NHP and integrates cutting-edge technology to increase performance and accuracy. The upgraded machine comprises of seven components; a receival tank, a cluster cutter, a small fruit eliminator, optical sizers, packing belts, automatic carton fillers and an operator console.

GP Graders Announces New Appointment to Expand Manufacturing Business

Al Martin has been appointed as General Manager.

GP Graders is pleased to announce the appointment of Al Martin to the position of General Manager. In his position, he will be directly responsible for leading business growth, strategy and sophisticated client offerings for GP Graders manufacturing business.

The industry is undergoing a major structural shift worldwide as it moves from mass production systems to those of customised goods and services dependent on supply chains with global reach. This shift places demand on manufacturers like GP Graders to become technologically rich to connect to the world of their customers.

GP Graders’ new Box Fillers
GP Graders’ new electronic box fillers ensure consistent box weight accuracy and faster volume throughput. Our new box fillers have a touch screen LCD display which can be networked or operate stand alone. The units have an auto tare function eliminating the problems of inconsistent box weights.
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