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GP Graders Announces New Appointment to Expand Manufacturing Business

Al Martin has been appointed as General Manager.

GP Graders is pleased to announce the appointment of Al Martin to the position of General Manager. In his position, he will be directly responsible for leading business growth, strategy and sophisticated client offerings for GP Graders manufacturing business.

The industry is undergoing a major structural shift worldwide as it moves from mass production systems to those of customised goods and services dependent on supply chains with global reach. This shift places demand on manufacturers like GP Graders to become technologically rich to connect to the world of their customers.

GP Graders’ new Box Fillers
GP Graders’ new electronic box fillers ensure consistent box weight accuracy and faster volume throughput. Our new box fillers have a touch screen LCD display which can be networked or operate stand alone. The units have an auto tare function eliminating the problems of inconsistent box weights.
New 16 lane Blueberry Grader installed in California
Our new AirJet® Blueberry grader has been up and operating in California this summer and is producing stellar results. Our AirJet® grader is able to separate blueberries into 5 categories of softness / firmness, sort according to size and colour and separate out shrivelled products.
Apples with Core Rot And Internal Browning Now Readily Identified
GP Graders Release Internal Apple Defect

MELBOURNE, Monday, 24 July 2017: Multi-award winning Melbourne-headquartered company, GP Graders have entered into a technology partnership with Ellips of Holland to revolutionise the ability for apple packers to identify apples with internal defects in order to meet the increasing supermarket demands which is crippling the industry.
Graders’ new Exit Manager Traceability Programme
GP Graders successfully launched its new Exit Manager software this year during the Californian cherry season. Our Exit Manager software provides full traceability of each grower batch from delivery through the grading process and into boxes.

Exit Manager breaks down bulk delivery lots or batches and tracks it through the grading and packing process, managing all incoming batch lots received onto the grader.
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